Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My first sales!

Yay! I've sold my first items on Etsy tonight! Woo!

I do have to say that my friend Ali made the purchases. But you know what? A sale is a sale is a sale. :)

I've also listed two new items to my Etsy shop. Check them out below!

Here's the promised picture of my son, Nicklaus, in his Halloween costume!

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Remodeling the place

Sorry for the dust around here. I thought I'd give the place a face lift, jazz it up a little. :)

Digging the shade of green. So serene. So peaceful.

Lately I've been a jewelery making machine. Losing track of time at night, getting to bed late because I'm focused on finishing a piece. I'll be listing some new pieces that I've created on my Etsy shop, Ladyhawke.Designs, later tonight when I get home from work. Woo!

Alrighty, got to get back to the grindstone...

Have a good day y'all!
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Back from the dead...

Wow. I am really horrible about this blogging thing.

Not that anyone cares or anything. :)

Speaking of the dead, Happy Halloween everyone! It's a little early, I know but it'll be upon us before we know it!

We've gotten our son's costume finally done, yay!. We had him put it all on and took some pictures. I'll have to post a pic later when I get home from work. Until then, I'll just leave you hanging.

I've been busy with work & life. Picked up a new hobby, jewelery making! A girl can't have too many of them, right?

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