Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awards & Project Wonderful!

My blog friend, The Empty Envelope has given me a couple of awards! Woo!

I've got to pass them along to 5 other bloggers...

Meekiyu's Dream
Four Dog Day
Pickles on Pizza
Solace in Wonderland
Motif Design

I'll add Angela Michelle Dolls to the list!

Check out all these great blogs!

I found out about this great promotion website, Project Wonderful! It's where you can bid for ad space on all different types of websites. You can select which types of sites you want your ads run, how long you want to run them and you can also do campaigns. It's a great way to get some exposure for your blog, website or shop. :)

You can also sign up to be a publisher to run ads on your own site. I'm giving it a try here as you can see. There's a small ad space on the sidebar to the right and there's ad space along the footer of the posting area for button ads. If you're interested in ad space, just click on the '...your ad here...' links within the space.

I'm not really sure where to put the ad spaces and settled on where they are now as I don't want y'all to be inundated with ads when you're here...thoughts?

Thanks! :)

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Kathy said...

Thank you so much for the award! Very nice. Thanks too for the comment on my blog. I love the holidays for so many reasons, but mostly because it is such a special time to spend with family. Our 25 year old has asked for no gifts this year, but rather donations to chaities! Thanks again for keeping up with my blog. I appreciate it.

Angela said...

Aw! Thanks for the award! It has been years since I won an award for anything :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award and the comment on my blog!! All of this is so new to me and I'm so impressed that people are so receptive to my work! Great blog, by the way!

Kelly said...

Your blog is fun and gorgeous, you deserved the award!

AngelaMichelle said...

Thanks for the award! You made my day :)