Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Etsy Listings!

I've created a new pair of earrings and another bracelet!

It's been quite challenging photographing the pieces as our digital camera has a busted up LCD screen and it doesn't have a separate viewfinder. Trying to frame the photos before actually taking the pic has truly been hit or miss. I don't think my pics turned out all that bad though. Thank goodness for Photoshop! :p

Both are now listed in my Etsy shop, Ladyhawke.Designs.

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Pam said...

I love the copper wire wrapped around the stone! Very lovely!

dearprudence said...

oooooh. i love that bracelet!

thanks for your comment on my blog post about the light box i made. it certainly does seem to make a difference!

Elena said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies!

And yes, dearprudence, lightboxes do make a huge difference! :)

ceejay said...

thanks for your feedback on my new banner! I changed it, and you're right, it does look much better now. thanks again!