Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On colds, Blue Jackets, the election & jewelery...

Man...I hate being sick! It's oh so lovely when it's compounded with a constantly runny nose, sinus congestion and a slight headache. Oy. Maybe its not a cold at all but a sinus infection? Even better. :|

I left work a bit early today so I could vote. Seeing as this was probably the most important election in my lifetime, I though it be for the good of all to vote. :)It was very surprising to walk into my place of voting and see no line at all. Wow. no line at 5pm. I was expecting to wait for at least an hour. Guess I was wrong.

Preliminary reports coming from CNN are saying that Obama will be the next President but I'd rather wait until the official results are in. There are a lot of places that still have to report in.

How about them Blue Jackets, eh? They're working hard but they're not picking up all the points that they can. Working & playing hard but losing in OT or in the shoot-out. It's early in the season, I'm willing to see how the boys progress before I lambast them. How about Derick Brassard & Jake Vorcek? Our rookies are kicking some ass! At the pace that Brassard is picking up points, looks for him to be a Calder Trophy canidate. Go Brass!

I finally got around to photographing this awesome choker that I made a few days ago. I was inspired by Queen Elizabeth I and the Golden Age.

I've uploaded some pics to my Flickr account and listed it in my Etsy shop!

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