Friday, November 21, 2008

Pineapple as a pizza topping...

We ordered pizza from Papa John's last night for dinner since I didn't feel like cooking and neither did Eric so pizza it was!

We decided to go for the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. I had never had pineapple as a pizza topping & Eric had had that particular flavor before & liked it.

Well, I loved it! I loved it so much that I had 4 slices! :O

In other news...we had an interesting convo this morning at breakfast. It went something like this....

Eric: "Did you kick me in the back last night?"
Me: "What? Really? I don't know if I kicked you."
Eric: "Well, my back is sore in one general area."
Me: "I'm sorry if I kicked you. I didn't know I kick when I'm asleep."

So needlessly to say, I felt really bad. Who knew?


Have a great Friday everyone!


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T said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh :)

Elena said...

You're welcome! Always glad to help others out. ;)

Unknown said...

Hahaha I love to read other couples conversations. Question? Why do you feel bad when you don't even know IF you kicked him and neither does he. Do you feel bad because he has a "pain in a general area" on his back. For that... Sure. Want a backrub honey? But I would be hard pressed to take the wrap for the "alleged kicking" (Smiling while giving the stink-eye)

Angela said...

My husband elbows me in the face all the time when we are asleep! So, yeah, you probably kicked him. I have not tried pineapple pizza but people at our restaurant try to order it all the time. My MIL is Hawaiian so, I should probably try it. I have had a pineapple sandwich :)

Elena said...

Capturedtime, I felt bad because he was hurting. And I totally could have kicked him or karate chopped him while I was asleep. Like Angela's hubby, Eric does elbow me in the head every once in a while while he's asleep. Maybe we were having a sleep battle and I won! :p