Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cue up The Imperial March...

From Star Wars...

The Jackets play the Nashville Predators tonight at home, Nationwide Arena.

Why that famous 'dun-dun-du-dun'?

Because our coach mentioned in an interview that Nashville was our 'Darth Vader'.

Because those Predators with their fugly baby-poo jerseys have our number, constantly kicking our butts on ice.

courtesy of Getty ImagesThe Jackets are 5 points behind Nashville. This is definitely a big game as they are in the same division.

Since we played like crap on our most recent West Coast swing, losing all 3 games out there, we need all the points we can get. Meaning we need to win this game! This is considered a 4point game.

For those not savvy, when you win a game, you get 2 points. Lose a game, zero
points. Tie a game, 1 point. Win the game via shootout, get the other 1 point.

The top 8 teams in each conference (western & Eastern) make it into the Stanley Cup Play-offs. The Jackets play in the Western Conference. The current team in 8th place is Nashville with 30 points, so the boys in blue need to be above them in the
standings. Currently, we have 25 points. The lowest in our division.

So either way, it'll be a fun game to watch! These games have always been physical & chippy. :)

Go Jackets!

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