Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Weekend...

Oh what a busy weekend! How was yours?

Originally Nick & I had planned to go up to Columbus to go to the Jackets game Saturday night, but the weather was gonna be bad so I decided to stay home. The Jackets are having a promo where when you buy 4 12 packs of any Pepsi product at any Columbus Giant Eagle, you'll get a voucher for 4 free tickets to any Jackets home game until March 3rd.

Got some cleaning done, some photos redone, made some jewelery, horsed around with Nick & watched some hockey on the toob. :)

Eric was down in Louisville helping his best friend Jon move into his new digs. Jon's wife Kat accepted a position with the orchestra down there so they needed to relocate from Ft. Wayne.

Then later that night, I remembered that I was invited to a my friend Sarah's housewarming party Sunday afternoon...ack! A quick text message to Eric letting him know that I had to drive up to Cbus the next morning.

The party was a good time and Sarah's new digs are awesome! Half of a double, spacious with nice hardwood floors throughout. :) Thanks for the invite Sarah!

The drive back was fun...the weather was turning. Snow and it was blowing all around. The roads were icing up and there were SUV's blowing by at like 80+ MPH.

WTF, people?!

Do you think that because you drive a SUV with or without 4WD that you are invincible to inclement weather?

*shakes head*


Anyways, it's cold out today and it's supposed to snow. As the week goes on, it's only going to get colder and more snowy. Yay! Winter!

I think that's the only thing I dislike about living in Ohio...unless you live up in the northern portions by Lake Erie, you really don't get a proper winter with bucketfuls of snow. You just get drab grey skies, freezing, slushy crap rain and temps hovering between 32 and 40 degrees.


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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Was a busy weekend here too...worked on some new pieces Saturday..Spent Sunday taking pics, listing, and all the other normal things that need to be done for the up coming work week....