Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy weather day!

snowy backyardWhat a crazy weather day!

Bucketfuls of snow this morning, about 8 inches. I ended up staying at home with Nicklaus as his daycare was closed for the day. I did log into work to check on things and everything was peachy keen. more snowy backyard

I took a couple of pictures of our backyard this morning around 8am.

It would snow off and on all day then around 3:30pm it started to change over to sleet/freezing rain.

snow tunnel caveEric had gone out a bit ago to carve out a snow tunnel/cave in the huge mound of snow that was piled up at the side of our driveway. It's pretty cool... :)

We just got in a few minutes ago from horsing around outside - pulling each other around on a sled, winding around the trees in the backyard & sliding down our uber icy driveway on a sled.icy cul de sac and driveway

There's about a 1/4" of ice on everything outside and the cul-de-sac is just an ice rink. And it's still raining out there so tomorrow morning's commute is going to be a blast. :|

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Angela said...

It looks beautiful!