Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photos of the storm

Took some pictures as promised during a brief lull. It prompt started back up after 5 minutes with those big fluffy flakes coming down at a pretty good clip!

icicles hanging from the guttersnowfall outsideAbove taken out of our front window.
Check out the icicles hanging from the gutter!

iced over treeThe tree outside of the window next to my computer desk.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky I am not there. I cannot stand that kind of cold.
See you around.

Pam said...

Beautiful!!! I am still loving the winter snows so far. I'm trying to keep the love up for it;).

PS Brady's sleeping pic is *hilarious*.

Elena said...

Well, we're dug out and work & daycare have returned to their normal business hours. It's still very pretty outside though. :)

You know, Brady totally has a thing for that pad of yellow paper... I would move it and he would move to lay on top of it. Hehe. :p I think it was cushioning him and offering him a wee bit of respite from the chilly table top. He's such a silly cat.

Gladys said...

Very nice sceneries! :)
We aint' got any of that here in Malaysia. =/ It's burning hot here.

Enjoy the weather! :)

AngelaMichelle said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog - not an obligation to pass it on unless you want, just more of an "I appreciate you & your blog!"