Friday, February 20, 2009

Nervous & excited!

Sorry, I've been MIA the past few's been a bit hectic around here with Mt. Washington prep/packing/bitching/etc going full steam ahead. Even my Etsy shop has been neglected!

I'm an equal opportunity neglector! :p

We leave for New Hampshire tonight after we get home from work. Gotta pack up Nick's stuff and drop him off at my mom's then we'll be on our way.

I'm slated to take the first driving shift as it's easier. Yay!

Totally a wee bit nervous but am excited too.

All this week, I've been keeping tabs on the weather out there by checking the Mt. Washington Observatory website and the Weather Channel website. They got hit with a storm last night & it'll continue today then taper off a bit tomorrow. Then supposedly, another round will hit them on Sunday.

Temps are slated to be around 5 degrees Fahrenheit on the summit Saturday with a 35 mph wind, so in reality, it'll be about 25-30 below zero up there! Woo! In North Conway, it'll be around 26 degrees.

I'll post a trip report with pics when I get back!

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