Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One lucky Golden Eagle...

golden eagleApparently out in Reno, NV a 15 pound golden eagle crashed through the windshield of a tractor trailer and survived! Luckily for the eagle, the truck was not moving as it was parked along the sleeper berm along the highway.

"I heard a loud thump like a brick or something coming through the glass," said Daryl Young of Miami, the co-driver who was dozing in the sleeper berth when it happened. "I woke up, and the windshield was all over me. Next thing I know there was a big bird lying on the floor."
Read about this lucky eagle in the Associated Press.

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Anjanette Young said...

Hi E. This is where I live. We have quit a few of those around. In fact, out the back of my new place, there is a nesting pair.

So glad the eagle is ok.

Elena said...

That's pretty sweet that you've got a nesting pair in your backyard! As a bird of prey junkie, I'm very jealous! :p