Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A new start!

Where to begin??

I've since left Cincinnati and recently moved to the Dallas, TX area for a new job! Nick is actually still living in Cincy with his daddy because I'll be traveling a lot my first year or so for work. I'm still working with OnBase and I'll have a lot more responsibility which is nice, yet kind of nerve-wracking.
Dallas World Aquarium
I'm loving living down here so far...my new digs are nice, comfortable, decently price and close to work but not too close. It's been fun exploring the city - finding quirky restaurants to try, the awesome farmers market downtown and the aquarium. I do get a little homesick for Ohio though sometimes, mostly I miss all my friends back in Ohio and I miss Bubba. :(

On the personal front, I met a new guy and he's awesome! He's got a really twisted sense of humor but that's the norm for folks in his profession. I love it though, lol. We've been dating for a little over 10 months now. He works in law enforcement (LE) and he's based out in DC. It's been an interesting, a little crazy, but awesome ride! Things have gotten pretty serious too. It's all good!

That's pretty much it for now...

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