Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Berry influenced earrings

Last night, I created two new pairs of earrings inspired by the blueberry and the cranberry.

Check them out below!

They've both been listed in my Etsy shop, Ladyhawke.Designs.

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Pam said...

These are beautiful! I like how they are photographed on the branches!

Elena said...

Thanks for the kind words!

oriental banana said...

what beautiful photographs! i used branches for a few of my finished pieces, but they didn't come out nearly as good as yours :(

Elena said...

Oriental, keep working on them! They'll turn out. :)

We have a regular ol' Nikon Coolpix digital camera and a tripod. I make sure that the Macro setting is turned on, the flash is turned off and that I use the 3 second timer.

My work table has a little fluorescent light mounted below the shelves. I hang a big sheet of white paper behind the light and lay another sheet on the table surface. When taking pics, I'll depress the button halfway so that the camera can auto-adjust it's settings then I'll depress the button all the way.

Be sure to crop and adjust the levels, color balance & brightness/contrast if need be with photo editing software.

If nothing else, keep shooting those pics. Practice makes perfect. :)