Monday, December 1, 2008

Cheetahs, cameras & funky earrings...oh my!

I hope everyone had a safe & wondrous Thanksgiving holiday! My younger brother Jeff came home and it was great spending time with him. :)

cheetah photo courtesy of the Enquirer, Leigh Taylor
So this weekend, during a quick bit of free time I checked in on my Facebook page to see if anyone left me wall postings and such and noticed that my buddy Troy, who works at the Columbus Zoo changed his profile pic. He was holding a cheetah cub!

Here in Cincy, a pair of cheetahs at the Cincy Zoo's breeding facility had recently had 3 cubs. One of them was to stay at the zoo as an animal ambassador while the other 2 were to be shipped to the Columbus Zoo.

Lo & behold, Troy's department, Shows, got them! Woo! When I was in college, I used to work in that dept with Troy.

I think they're still in quarantine up at the hospital, but we'll have to stop by the Zoo when we're up in Columbus next to see those cuties. :)

In other news, we finally got our replacement LCD screen for our digi camera! Yay! I'm sooo excited & happy!

Over the weekend, I made a pair of funky earrings using some new supplies.

Check 'em out! I call them, "Cosmic Fool" & they're listed in my shop.

Cosmic Fool earrings, Pyrite and Garnet

Whatcha think?

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Kathy said...

those are my kind of earrings. How cool!

Elena said...


Thanks! I'm glad you like them! They were fun to make. :)