Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sorry about being MIA...

It's busy here & I apologize for not blogging more!

It's cold as all get out now here in the Cincy area.

My first craft show is tomorrow & I've still got some prepping to do! Aaah!

There are also some pieces that I've made in the last few days that I'd like to photograph & list in my shop.

Trying to balance jewelery related stuff with home life is tough!

My boys in blue (the Blue Jackets if you were wondering :)) have been playing well and winning! They will head to West Coast for a couple games in a few days time.


I hope every one is having a great week so far!


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AngelaMichelle said...

Hope your show goes well tomorrow! Just enjoy it!

I went to college in Ohio & used to go to Cincy on the weekends - I remember that cold!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Have a great day at your show, hope it's a totally banner day for you.

I understand the cold, lived back in that area too many times. Stay warm and glad your Boys in Blue are doing well.

TMCPhoto said...

All the best in your show. I'm planning on starting shows next year and am finding it a little daunting. Let us know how you do!

Doug Ashby said...

Good Luck tomorrow. Just stay positive and all will go well!Looking forward to reading about it when your done!

Angela said...

Good Luck! I hope you sell out!