Thursday, January 15, 2009


So last night our plans for the Mt. Washington trip were finalized...

We head out from the Cincy area after work on Friday, 2/20 and head out towards New Hampshire. We'll be picking up our friends along the way. Get into North Conway Saturday (2/21) morning, grab some breakfast, maybe grab a nap, gear up and start our summit attempt. Then drive home Sunday, the 22nd.

The mission of this crazy trip is 'Get some winter mountaineering done safely without missing a day's work." :p

I'm sore from my workout last night. It's a good sore though. I need to get in shape. To get my endurance level up. It's what killed me the last time I attempted to summit Mt. Washington.

Since it was butt cold outside, I didn't go running. Instead I did 2 sets of 40 jumping jacks with 2 sets of 10 lunge jumps. I also worked in bicep curls, dumbbell rows, the plank and a couple other free weight exercises.

I've got a little over a month to get into some sort of decent shape!

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