Monday, January 19, 2009

That new Clint Eastwood flick...

Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino
Gran Torino is awesome! I recommend it highly although if you get easily offended by racial remarks, then this is definitely not a film for you. ;) But I think you should suck it up, ignore all those comments because it really is a great film...

It seems like a fairly formulaic with a crotchety old man, Eastwood who was a Korean vet who has just buried his beloved wife. His wife had made the local priest promise to look after her man and get him to confession. He still lives in the same neighborhood that has gone downhill a bit. He has a beautiful old Gran Torino that he babies. Something happens with his neighbors and spills over to his property and the story picks up from there. Things happen, people come around & change.

It is a story about changes in people, compassion and overcoming your inner demons.

And it was fabulous! Clint Eastwood in what may be his last acting role was brilliant!

It's been out a couple weeks now, but when Eric and I got to the local theater, it was packed & sold out!

Go now & see this film!

'Get off my lawn!'

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Michael Kasaboski said...

I whole-heartedly agree - this film is awesome, as is good, ol' Clint - ya gotta love him. And this role is perfect for him. I watched it over the Holidays and loved it. Even my girlfriend, who doesn't like Clint, loved this movie in the end.

I also watched The Wrestler over the Holidays - another wonderful film and I'd highly recommend it as well.


Pam said...

I really want to see it. It was written by a fellow Twin Citian and some of the Hmong who starred and worked on the film are from here:).

Elena said...


We'll have to check out The Wrestler. It looked very intriguing from the tv spots that we've seen for it. Thanks for the recommendation!


I didn't know that! That's very cool! They did an awesome job!