Monday, February 9, 2009

12 days and counting...

...until we leave for New Hampshire to slog up Mt. Washington. I hesitate to say climb any more with regards to this little mountain folks call The Rock. In reality it is more of a strenuous hike/slog, more so when done during the middle of winter. :)

I've been doing pretty good with the running and working out with free weights. I feel so much better since I've gotten back into doing something resembling exercise and physical exertion.

And with the trip coming up fast, I've begun running a mental tally of things that need to be packed and what technical clothing that need to be worn.

It's such a long drawn out process, I think about all of this during work as well as on my commute to and from. Eric will want all of it packed and ready to go by this weekend. That way if we need anything, we still have time to get it. We will go over all of it again next week to make sure we have absolutely everything we need for the slog.

A little sampling from this morning.

Things to pack in my pack
emergency space blanket
hardshell pants
down jacket
trekking poles
extra socks
extra glove liners
extra wool hat
ski goggles

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